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The trattoria spaces, wide and well-structured, will provide you with a charming setting where historical memory is kept alive in serene harmony with the present through the recent and very refined restoration work.

The sieve of memory

At “Paradiso” furniture and décor filter the suggestions and traditions of the Friulan countryside with a compositional wisdom that creates a wholehearted, yet elegant atmosphere. Every table presents a unique view and perspective, a hint of memory that turns into an emotion, intensified by a conversation.

Atmosphere is a style

Everything in the trattoria is designed to enhance and define the pleasure of being together. Whether a couple or a broader party, the delight of sharing and keeping company will boost simply by staying by the wonderful fogolâr stove or in the charming garden, with the quiet secrecy of a small dining room or the festive sophistication of the banquet hall.

The suggestions of the day

The richness of the Risorgive Springs area allows us to take advantage of an extraordinary quality and variety of unmatched local ingredients. Quality and variety that we love to suggest in our menu, which is different every day and is constantly adapted as to be in perfect harmony with the season, according to a philosophy aimed at discovering yesterday’s tastes, in order to experiment and determine today’s flavor.

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Theme suggestions

It often happens that the wish of taking a deeper look in special, different stories, originated by an encounter, by a region or by a specific season finds its accomplishment in the celebration of special soirees. That’s why, for your special events, we like to propose theme menus specifically dedicated to the pleasure of experiencing together the delight of discovering – or rediscovering – an ingredient, as well as a way of finishing it.

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The wine selection

The whole charming Friuli region could be defined as a vast and luxuriant vineyard, rich in history and oenological tradition. Our cellar aims at encapsulating them while offering highest quality products. Our wines bear in fact a label, certifying the careful and personal selection, which is the outcome of a deep and passionate knowledge of the best regional creations.

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every table presents a unique view and perspective, a hint of memory

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