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The Cuisine,
“Al Paradiso” like nowhere else

The deep authenticity of the experience

Yesterday’s tastes, today’s enjoyment

Reviving the captivation of tradition

Cooking is an act of love that can connect every memory to its present, as an act of openness to the others and the future. Here, “Al Paradiso” the act also bears the pleasure of recreating the tradition of a place, reinterpreting it thus discovering more modern possibilities, softly piecing together innovation and enthrallment. The deep, intense pleasure of reviving the expressive potential of highest quality ingredients deeply connected to the Friulan region and its traditions.

Tastes and flavors of the Risorgive springs

Here, all the ingredients are one-of-a-kind. The mild lands of Paradiso, the winding waters of the Stella River and the fresh Risorgive springs allow for a variety of scented wild herbs, fleshy mushrooms, colorful berries and exotic roots, turgid asparagus and precious truffles. Rich and unique the selection of free-range farm animals, of wildfowl and game and of delicious fresh- and seawater fishes of the lagoon.

Following the change of seasons

Quality derives from the careful selection of raw materials that, before being a fulfilling, unmatched ingredient, is a fresh and genuine one. The perfect foundation for the refined recipes of “Al Paradiso”, tastefully interpreting the flowing of the days. Time is here a space, constantly redefined by its continuous evolution through gastronomic discoveries, tradition recoveries and careful experimentations, always strictly sticking to seasonal, fresh ingredients.

The suggestions of the day

The richness of the Risorgive Springs area allows us to take advantage of an extraordinary quality and variety of unmatched local ingredients. Quality and variety that we love to suggest in our menu, which is different every day and is constantly adapted as to be in perfect harmony with the season, according to a philosophy aimed at discovering yesterday’s tastes, in order to experiment and determine today’s flavor.

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Theme suggestions

It often happens that the wish of taking a deeper look in special, different stories, originated by an encounter, by a region or by a specific season finds its accomplishment in the celebration of special soirees. That’s why, for your special events, we like to propose theme menus specifically dedicated to the pleasure of experiencing together the delight of discovering – or rediscovering – an ingredient, as well as a way of finishing it.

Friday’s specials at Paradiso: Pdf

The wine selection

The whole charming Friuli region could be defined as a vast and luxuriant vineyard, rich in history and oenological tradition. Our cellar aims at encapsulating them while offering highest quality products. Our wines bear in fact a label, certifying the careful and personal selection, which is the outcome of a deep and passionate knowledge of the best regional creations.

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“Al Paradiso” – experience Paradise with all your senses

In search of flavors and seasons

the expressive potential of highest quality ingredients deeply connected to the Friulan region and its traditions.

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